We have relaunched as RESIST: Movement for a People’s Party


The Resistance Movement has relaunched and rebranded as RESIST: Movement for a People’s Party while we work on transitioning to a party structure. Our small Steering Committee is working tirelessly to build this up to being THE leading credible Socialist Movement post Corbynism era. Our ‘Festival of Resistance’ conference is now scheduled to take place next October 16th/17th in the Midlands and this is something that will also take a lot of organising.

We are still looking to fill all of our Regional Organiser roles so please offer your time as we cannot go to local branches until we have fulfilled this part of the process. We have now set up our Regional Meetings, for everyone who has joined us so far you will see these in the Newsletters.

Our Founder Chris Williamson is busy reaching out to stakeholders as we speak and we are lucky enough to have Dave Roberts on our Steering Committee who helped set up the Socialist Labour Party back in the day. Chris met with the SLP recently as detailed here in the Morning Star.

We encourage you to spread the news about our movement by word of mouth or by sharing our tweets, posts or recommending us to join and follow. We also need donations while we continue this work so anything is appreciated.

Our official tabloid style affiliated Newspaper is The Word which will be printing weekly and distributed on a Sunday throughout the UK from January 2021, currently available digitally. We would like to say congratulations to The Word team for this achievement as we know it has taken a lot of hard work to reach where they are today.

Our TV Channel Resistance TV continues to stream hard-hitting and no nonsense debate weekly so please also tune into this. We advertise the event each week on our Social Media Channels.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send us an email on contact@resistfest.co.uk

RESIST: Movement for a People’s Party


  1. Interesting development. I’m interested in the contacts with the SLP. Are you proposing to accept affiliations from other Parties such as the SLP, TUs and community groups to build a broad base? My only anxiety is the apparently top down approach. I would have thought starting with local Branches would be feasible given your profile online with ‘Resistance TV’ and ‘The Word’.

    • You are talking about setting up an infrastructure. We can only connect to local groups once our Regional Organisers have reached out to people and we have to populate every constituency! We are a bottom up structure. Very flattering but we have a long way to go yet and Chris is indeed contacting Senior figures he thinks are right for our group.

  2. Dear RESIST – thanks to Chris for announcing RESIST will be an *anti-imperialist, socialist* party. This is exactly what we need – the working-class and those who long for social justice are unrepresented by all other political parties. This is of course why Labour – deliberately – lost the 2019 General Election and put the Conservatives in power with predictably-terrible consequences. Socialists were left with the “choice” of a *permanent* Tory Government (the EU empire – vote Labour) or a *temporary* Tory Government (vote Conservative). Awful – many abstained. So it’s great that RESIST is commited to resisting imperialism – despicable empires like the EU & US for eg. Thank you – solidarity – I’m joyfully looking forward to campaigning for the party 😊


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