We are building a new grassroots movement to take back our democracy because British politics is broken.  The experience of the last four decades, and the last 10 years in particular, demonstrates that although governments are elected by the people, they serve the interests of corporations not communities.

There is a consensus between the leadership of the UK’s major political parties, and the mainstream media, who all coalesce around a neoliberal capitalist system that has consolidated corporate greed while neglecting public need.  Consequently in this, the world’s fifth biggest economy, public services are in meltdown, 14 million people live in poverty and inequality is at a level not seen since before World War 2.

When the need for a radical alternative is so glaringly obvious, the fact that such a consensus exists is a political paradox.  The coronavirus crisis has exposed the shortcomings of our political, economic and media establishment.  Their deficiencies reinforce the need for a nationwide grassroots movement to help build capacity in communities through initiatives like workers’ cooperatives, neighbourhood action groups and community radio platforms. 

Through these practical steps, we can start raising political consciousness and filling the gaps revealed by the Covid-19 emergency to create a new kind of democracy that makes politicians genuinely accountable and puts people before profits.  That is what we believe 21st century socialism should look like, where people are in charge by having a stake in society, control over their lives and an equitable share of the nation’s wealth.



We’re building a new grassroots movement join us.