Coronavirus: Event postponed


In view of the ongoing Coronavirus calamity, we have decided to postpone the Festival of Resistance that was planned for the weekend of 20 June this year.

The festival has now been rescheduled for the weekend of 16/17 October in the Midlands area, where we will aim to have an array of excellent speakers, workshops and films.

The upheaval being caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the events unfolding every day are unprecedented, but one thing is clear. As our nation, and the world, come to terms with finding a suitable response, it is obvious that we can only beat this thing by working together as a collective.

The evidence of the last few weeks proves that neoliberalism is impotent in a crisis and offers no credible solutions. It also demonstrates the importance of state interventionism, international cooperation and community solidarity.

We need to remember the lessons we are learning as we work out how to defeat this invisible enemy. When life returns to some semblance of normality, we should use this experience to insist on the continuation of state interventionism and international cooperation – because they work.

These lessons could enable us to reduce inequality, eradicate poverty and stop the endless wars around the world that only serve to deliver colossal profits for the military-industrial complex by inflicting untold misery on millions. Investment in things like public services, healthcare, housing, halting climate change and improving living standards for everyone, would do far more to keep us safe than spending ever-increasing sums on sophisticated weapons of war.

Chris Williamson



  1. I am not happy with the direction it now appears the Labour party is taking but have not left it yet.
    The idea of building practical socialism in communities is one I strongly favour so I am keen to keep in touch with what you are doing.

  2. How did Oh! Jeremy Corbyn become Oh! Keir Starmer? And how do we know there wll be no Oh! Chris Williamson?…Can we have at least a draft of a serious analysis of the present political situation in Brtain before coming to the Festival of Resistanc?

  3. Please keep me posted. I left The Labour Party a couple of months ago, and really want to get involved in a new, grassroots movement.

  4. Sick to the back teeth of the backstabbing PLP.
    Also sick of hearing and reading about change.
    You have got to grasp the nettle.
    Do it or do one!

  5. Once upon a time ……. Religious and / or Political beliefs or views were the public identities that most people followed. Now, in the 21st century, personal identity is fragmented into gender, race, employed/unemployed etc. The individual now has to come to terms with inner conflicts that these different identities can create!

    How then can a society of such diversity be fairly governed?


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