Chris Williamson Labour Party election result: The fight must go on.


The fight for 21st century socialism must continue, even if the Labour Party has surrendered.

The fight for 21st century socialism must continue, even if the Labour Party has surrendered. Following the result of The Labour Party leadership contest there is a clear direction of travel for Labour, a resetting of centrist policy’s and agendas. Chris Williamson offers a new political home for Socialist and the disenfranchised LEFT


We’re building a new grassroots movement join us.


  1. Best wishes for a new tendency that will build a Labour Party with the promise of what it was under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership! I don’t see why you couldn’t call it the “Republican Labour Party Tendency”? Well, that’s from a Trotskyist Yank, anyway.

  2. Really excellent news, Thanks Chris.
    We are on board with you all the way and offer our help in any way we can.
    When we started the Dangerous Globe, I was a member of Labour but with all of the flak you guys were getting from the MSM I relinquished it.
    I am a very grumpy old man, and simply felt that some of our more combative responses to the MSM and also what I see as the Blair project, would have done more harm to you guys than good.
    Maybe now we can calm down a bit if there is a clear path ahead
    Its also time the Alternative left media was brought together as a cohesive whole, maybe a Co-operative? To combat the appalling media we have at this time. Individually we have no chance.
    Best wishes anyway, and please keep us informed

    • Oh my your really living on another planet there because the MSM has always been on the left. What you call alternative left media is nothing more than a bunch of thugs like Aaron Bastani, brainless bints like Ayo Cesar and Groupies like Owen Jones pretending to do journalism

      • You do speak B/S but if you think the msm is left,mate you are a far right extremists, as you don’t even realise how stupid and brainwashed you are. Typical of the sheeple mentality! You just rejurgitated what you read in the murdoch toilet paper!

      • Arron a thug , what planet you on , just what have you done to help grassroots, more than owen jones i guess

  3. I am deeply concerned with election of Starmer but at this moment believe that it is best to stay and fight, because I cannot see another vehicle to get socialist policies into government . I very much like alternatives like this but wouldn’t want to jeopardise my labour membership at this time.

    • Good luck with that. Starmer now has obnoxious Blairites such as Streeting and Phillips in his shadow cabinet! Frankly you need to wake up. It’s over for the left in the Labour party.

    • Why do you want to remain in a- Labour Tory Party led by the Horrible Starmer and his Blairite MPs.

      Starmer the Back Stabber Tried But failed to Topple /Overthrow Jeremy Corbyn as Democratically Leader of the Labour Party in a 2016 Coup with Nandy. Tom Watson and the Blairite Labour Tories.

      Starmer a Socialist and a Democrat- Definitely Not !

  4. This is a great initiative. See also the statements issued by LLA, and the joint one from JVL, Red Labour and LRC. You must all now work in unison. There is far too much factionalism on the Left and unless people are able to reach out to one another in common cause, the Left is on a hiding to nothing

  5. Things feel quite insecure for the left in the Labour Party. I’m sure a purge is coming – no one knows this better than Chris – and I suspect that any comment left on this website may well lead to expulsion. But here we go anyway.

    I’m quite old but I’m new to party political involvement and I’ve been very disappointed in the Labour Party. It seems to me it can only work for liberals, not socialists, because the liberals are very happy to wreck the joint if they’re not in absolute control, and would gladly blow an election just to get rid of us. It infuriates me to be told by the new party leader that I need to shape up and ‘pull together’ with the people who have insulted me, defrauded me in my local party, and openly campaigned against their own party’s interests.

    Still, I wanted to say thanks for this message and for the idea that something else might be possible for us on the left. All the best.

  6. I am very interested in joining chris and I hope you don’t mind but I have shared this far and wide. If as many members as I think are upset with the result of the election, I’m sure we can achieve a good result. Is Jeremy and John going to join, that would really increase your membership.

    • For whatever reason, John McDonnell – very sadly – was a chief architect of the Labour GE19 defeat with his pro-EU empire stance; he also fanned the flames of fake anti-semitism. Why, oh why did he do this!? He would have to apologise *profusely* & profoundly for engineering (with Starmer et al) the Conservative GE win if he is ever to be trusted by socialists again

  7. MI5 vermin recruited from the anti socialist fascist military will be joining ,. Then kicking of with anti semetic tones to undermine socialism like they did under Jeremy Corbyn. If you want to share wealth and have housing, healthcare, ,education ,and a living wage,. You will be labeled as hard left , good luck with it all , it’ll be tough

  8. I have just joined you ,never took an interest in politics really until Jeremy Corbyn. That’s the type of politician I want someone who really cares and proves it through action most people I support what I relate to and there is nothing in me that relates to this Labour leader and the party..even the name Labour now leaves a sour taste ..your right it’s time to split away and start a socialist party, people helping people at grass roots if you look at this very moment that exactly what’s happening in most places during this pandemic ..

  9. Ive joined you because Starmer has become the leader of the labout party .i thought just give him a chance for a few weeks it only took 48 hours for me ti loathe the man .He has sacked the people who support Jeremies policies .i was fuming and all the little coupe who caused so much harm to Jeremy he has on the front bench .i was sick to my stomache .i cant follow this man he is for the working class .So Chris i am with the labour Socialists.

  10. I’m backing ‘The Resistance’.

    Chris I was despairing of the Labour Party and its pivot back to the neo liberal agenda that has corrupted and distorted our workers party and turned it into something that its founding fathers and mothers would be unable to recognise.

    Then out of the darkness came the light. I feared that the reactionaries within our midst had silenced your clarion voice but you can’t keep a good comrade down and this beacon that you have lit, this sign post to a better fairer socialist party, this party that you are forging is just what the world right now needs, hope, political charity of vision, humour and strength.

    Chris, I’m backing ‘The Resistance’ and I’m even going to reactivate my long dead Facebook page to help spread the word.

  11. I do not believe for one second that over half a million members inspired through JC voted for Starmer .The system is rigged .

  12. I am quite excited about this movement. We have the numbers and huge energy. I hope that all strands of the left are able to join.

  13. Tap into the surge of LP members who, presumably, were looking for a fairer world under Jeremy Corbyn, and get out and educate. The time will be right once capitalism limps back up to speed, and the NHS has been sold off by the Tories, despite all the nice words and claptrap. The oligarchs and media won’t allow any other way!

  14. A welcome initiative Chris. There are many socialists looking for a home, and a lot of different options/parties/groups outside Labour. I guess it will take a while to see which movements work best. You hit the nail on the head saying that “representative democracy” is not enough to achieve a fairer society. It is designed to maintain the status quo. Without pressure from the grass roots, MPs will change very little.

  15. you have to be overt about challenging what snared JC,,otherwise it will become your fate too.. have an anti GENOCIDE stance in your manifesto / policy,, be prepared to talk about it,, anti authoritarianism, Palestine being swallowed up,, Hong Kong being swallowed up,, Putin tricks his way into another 16 year rein of tyranny on the people of Russia !!,, and there are many other examples,,

  16. Happy to have a new home.. having spent 35 years as an active member in the labour party I could no longer stay. The behaviour of some members of the PLP and the behaviour of some members of staff left me annoyed and feeling betrayed.. And the fact that kier starmer failed to act quickly made things worse. I have never thought of myself as hard left just as a socialist.. I think it’s essential to have a home for all the socialists who feel out in the cold .. I look forward to hearing from you soon..


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