A firm foundation.

A movement must have a solid foundation based on a solid platform of achievable goals and objectives.

We aim to introduce a series of aims and objectives that can be adopted by our membership and activated within the community.

We aim to facilitate groups enabling them to organise separately in their respective communities but remaining within an organisational alliance.

The objective is an intentional political strategy to build self-determination in communities. Groups that can address the individual needs of their own community but have the wider resources and ability to draw from other groups and their experience, addressing common issues with confidence and the solidarity of a wider organisation.



  1. A new kind of participatory democracy that prioritises the accountability of elected representatives to the public not boardrooms, puts people before profit and communities above corporations.
  2. An ambitious green new deal to tackle the biggest challenge facing humanity, the consequences of which will be felt first and hardest by the poorest communities here and around the world.
  3. Nullify the power of the military-industrial complex by ending imperialist wars, halting arms sales to repressive regimes and reducing the influence of the weapons industry by embracing defence diversification.
  4. Restructure the economy to share the nation’s wealth, utilise the flexibility of the UK’s sovereign currency to provide the resources needed to create a good society and reverse all privatisations of public services and utilities.
  5. Define economic success based on improving outcomes for people, which should include progress towards poverty elimination, improving public health and enhancing the quality of life for all citizens.


  1. Establish local action groups throughout the country to mobilise communities to campaign for political change and the creation of self-help projects to fill the gaps left by central and local government cuts.
  2. Rally community activists to organise street protests to:


  • demand local authorities use the powers available to them to end the cuts by shifting the burden onto the wealthiest shoulders in every borough
  • insist on a renaissance in new council housing to tackle the housing crisis now that the cap has been removed from councils’ housing revenue accounts
  • resist any further austerity measures by central government following the Covid-19 emergency


  1. Work with communities and trade unions to:


  • establish workers’ cooperatives to start building a transfer of wealth and industrial power from the bottom up
  • update the Lucas Plan on defence diversification
  • raise awareness on the impact of imperialism to start developing international solidarity with other progressive and liberation movements around the world


  1. Provide support local people to establish community arts, radio and culture projects around the country by arranging community arts and media conferences to train volunteers and creating online resources.
  2. Organising community events aimed at demystifying economics to empower people to challenge the establishment narrative that there is no alternative.