2021 Resistance Festival

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Festival of resistance

2 Days. 9 Workshops.  14 Speakers.

Party Conference

‘Why resist now?’


City Conference and Banqueting (Kashmir) Centre, Carlton Road Nottingham NG3 2NR


Saturday, October 16-17th, 2021

‘What is resist?’

Resist: Movement for a People’s party is a grassroots movement with nationwide support, which aims to empower communities and workers through democratic, practical and political means

Don't Wait ‘Till The Last Moment


speakers that know what it is to resist....

Movement for a Peoples Party is a grassroots movement with numerous supporters nationwide,
which aims to empower communities and workers through democratic, practical and political means.

Chris Williamson

Former Labour MP, Derby North

Low Key

Performer, Activist

Alexie Sayle

Stand Up

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2 days of packed workshops on ‘Why resist now?’


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Evening meal/Live entertainment on day one for £10 at 7.30pm

1st Day 16th

£ 25
  • Full Day Access
  • Two Workshops
  • Four Lectures
  • Debate - Political Party ?
  • Lunch Included

Two Days

£ 40
  • Full Two Day Access
  • Full Access Workshops
  • Full Access Lectures
  • Debate - Political Party ?
  • Lunch for both days

2nd Day 17th

£ 25
  • Full Day Access
  • One Workshops
  • Four Lectures
  • Debate - Political Party ?
  • Lunch Included

Unwaged tickets per day

£ 10
  • Full Day Access
  • Full Access Workshops
  • Full Access Lectures
  • Debate - Political Party ?
  • Lunch Included

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The Force Behind The Conference

The Sponsors

Resistfest 2021 Conference COVID protocol

As of mid-September the COVID death rate in the UK is second only to the USA and India according to the respected Johns Hopkins University statistics. Those statistics also show that although the numbers are falling from a peak in January, incidence remains high – in other words the chances of getting COVID in the UK remains relatively high by European and world standards.

The high level of new infections in the UK is partly due to the laissez faire approach of the UK government meaning that in the UK the much more transmissible Delta variant is making its way through the UK population, being responsible for example for so called “breakthrough” infections amongst those who have been double jabbed. 

The position of Resist and the venue owners in response to this situation is that it would be responsible to have a protocol for the conference by way of guidance so that everyone is as safe as can be, including those who may have existing but well managed health issues that make them vulnerable, or who have elderly or immuno-suppressed relatives.  Accordingly in line with a risk assessment carried out by the venue owners and Resist, the COVID guidelines for the conference will be as follows;


  1. We strongly recommend that everyone wears a mask inside the conference venue, particularly where social distancing is not possible. Should you choose to avail yourself of one, masks will be available at the venue entrance. This recommendation obviously will not apply to people sitting at a table eating, or when speaking from a platform.
  2. Hand gel will be provided at various points for people to use – please do so.
  3. It is suggested that people observe social distancing of around four feet wherever possible – conference seating arrangements will reflect this as far as practically possible, and ventilation of the venue by venue staff aimed at optimising airflow, will seek to achieve a balance between safety and physical comfort.
  4. Finally, attendees are requested to comply with any reasonable directive from authorised conference personnel, aimed at ensuring compliance with this protocol 

Your co-operation with this protocol would be greatly appreciated as we do not want the conference to be a vector for onward transmission of the virus. If you feel unwell before attending the conference and think you may have COVID, we would respectfully request that you remain at home and follow proceedings online.


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REsist Fest


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